About us

Wooden toys for your home hand made, designed and made with love

Hey, my name is Arturs!

Our story started not that long ago me and my Father started just in our garage made a few triangles and placed them on Etsy. Now we have sold more then 2000 triangles on Etsy and have 600 feedbacks from all over the world all of them are positive rated. Just in one year long time we are working 9 people already in our team including me and my father.

We believe that the key to our success is simply our mane rule.. when we are making climbing toys for our customers.. always any part of it… we make like for our self’s!!!

Of course all job doesn’t end on just a good quality that’s why we are also doing our best to provide good customer service and speedy delivery’s to provide this we are working together with shipping company Fedex and DPD.

I could keep writing about as day long but if you are here and reading our story it can mean only one there is a small climber behind or next to you and he/she are extremely willing to climb up somewhere? So best way to keep your baby away from climbing places where you doesn’t want him to climb is simply order Climbing triangle from Eco activity toys. We promise you that you wont regret!!!